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The World Needs You

Christians in America can’t have a cultural impact without recovering the wisdom we have lost. If we are to endure the crises of the 21st century with hope, the renewal of our minds and a fully-formed Christian faith aren’t optional. They are the call of every serious believer who longs to seek first the Kingdom of God. Colson Fellows are a diverse and courageous community of Christians—from corporate CEOs and university professors to homeschool moms, teachers, pastors, and ministry leaders—all pursuing God’s glory in every arena of life for the good of the world.

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Why Join the Colson Fellows Program?

A Lifetime of Transformation

You will deepen your relationship with Christ through structured devotions while working to acquire a lifetime of Christian wisdom that will empower you to discern truth, beauty, and goodness in every aspect of life and reality.

Gain a Clear
Vision and

As part of the program we will help you develop a Personal Mission Plan to connect your personal mission with God’s vision. You will gain greater clarity of your calling and mission and how it connects to God’s purpose in this cultural moment.

Practical Skills
and Wisdom

You will not only gain biblical wisdom helpful to making decisions in practical matters, but you will gain insight into the “vain philosophies” and “false ideas” that are driving today’s culture and social trends and discover new ministry opportunities.

Join A Powerful

With over 2000 commissioned Colson Fellows around the world, you will join a network of devoted men and women who share your passion and training for seeing God’s truth lived out in every aspect of life and culture. In addition, you will challenge and support one another as you pursue God’s call.

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